Boost Your Metabolism Diet & Cookbook

The Little Metabolism Booster Diet Book for Weight Loss

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Remember when you were younger, and you could eat pretty much anything, and any amount of it... and then not gain weight? For many of us, this slowly starts changing in our twenties. For some, it might last until those mid-thirties. Still, that inevitable day shows up for us all. You wake up and notice that your clothes don't fit like they used to and that your tummy has gotten on the flabbier side. But how? I'm mainly doing everything I used to do. You may still be doing what used to work, but although your habits haven't changed, the way your body responds to those habits has. It happens slowly, so you might not even notice that you're gaining a size every few years. Then, one day you realize that you have fifty pounds to lose and no idea where to start. So, you diet, but even that doesn't work as well as it used to, and at some point, you're left with a few stubborn pounds that just won't shift. If you recognized yourself in some of this, you're in the right place. This book is all about metabolism. What it is, how it works, and why it changes over time. Most importantly, it's also about how you can kickstart things and get your sluggish body burning fat faster again. Ready to get started with making a change? Find out how by grabbing this book today.

ISBN/EAN 9783967720686
Auteur Davis, Brittney
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Gebonden in harde band
Pagina's 164

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