How to Lose a Lemur

How to Lose a Lemur voorzijde
How to Lose a Lemur achterzijde
  • How to Lose a Lemur voorkant
  • How to Lose a Lemur achterkant

While being followed by lemurs one day, a boy tries hiding up a tree (without luck), disguising himself (without success) and even tries to sail off in a boat to get away from them. Eventually he thinks he has lost them. In the process, he has managed to get himself lost, and it is then that he realizes that the lemurs might be helpful after all...

ISBN/EAN 9781843653158
Auteur Preston-Gannon, Frann
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Kinderboek, alle pagina's hard karton
Pagina's 32
Lengte 178.0 mm
Breedte 178.0 mm

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