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150 Incredible and Irresistible Recipes for the Healthy Cook's Kitchen

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¿¿Do you want a Instant Pot Air Fryer Cooking Guide?¿¿ The Instant Pot Air Fryer has made cooking and living easier for every household. It holds with the impeccable features of 'set and forget' functions. The basic function of the Instant Pot is just like any other cooking appliance. Still, in this version, it comes with both pressure cooker and air fry options, which is made possible with the help of two separate lids, the crisp lid for air frying and pressure cook lid for pressure cooking - fast and easy, all by simply changing the covers. With such ease, you will have all the cooking methods available over the control panel of this Instant Pot. The pressure cook lid offers you the function of six wet cooking options like PRESSURE COOK, STEAM, SAUTÉ, SLOW COOK, WARM, and SOUS VIDE. Similarly, in the air fryer function, it offers you the option to AIR FRY, BAKE, ROAST, BROIL, and DEHYDRATE. Since the cookbook is all about air fry recipes, you can find exclusive features of Instant Pot Duo Crisp Air Fryer. The selection for the function is effortless using the soft-touch options as needed, without twisting any knobs or rotating switches. It comes with smart and manual cooking options for air frying. When you select the smart cooking options in the Air Fry segment, it will choose the default temperature setting, and you need to select the required cooking time manually. However, air frying processing will not begin without pressing the START option. This book covers: ¿What is the instant pot air fryer lid? ¿ Breakfast recipes ¿ Lunch recipes ¿ Beef, pork & lamb recipes ¿ Poultry recipes and much more! The quick and smart program makes it easy for everyone to use it, from a naïve cook to a professional chef, for preparing healthy meals. The device comes with a bright LED and control panel that is easy to identify and use. It also offers you to customize the cooking options, setting time and save the setting as your favorite or regular meals so that whenever you repeat a recipe, the Instant Pot will remember the temperature and time for the dish, thus saving you the time and energy. With the bonus of the DELAY START button, you can now ensure that your dinner is ready when you want it to and not prior to that. The KEEP WARM feature will also help the dish stay warm. Sounds like a helping hand in the kitchen, right? The Instant Pot Air Fryer weighs around 22 pounds and comes with a large display control panel, which has positioned facing the user. Let's look at some specifications of this product: ¿¿The Instant Pot comes with two lids; one is the pressure-cooking lid, and the other an air fryer crisp lid. The crisp air fryer lid comes with an inbuilt power lid that charges the pot and provides the connection without having to use any external power for the Instant Pot. ¿¿The Instant Pot also comes with a safe launch pad called the protective pad that can use to store the air fryer lid. Once you've cooked, you don't want to keep the cover on the countertop of your kitchen; thus, comes the protective pad, which automatically helps the lid in cooling down and releasing any moisture. ¿¿Ready to get started? Click "Buy Now"! ¿¿

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