Instant Vortex Air Fryer Oven Cookbook

150 Hand-Picked, Easy, Healthy and Delicious Recipes for Your Whole Family

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¿Do you want a Instant Pot Vortex Cooking Guide?¿ An air fryer is an appliance that crisp up food by circulating hot air around the food. It uses the principle of heat convection. Of course, it has an adjustable temperature knob and timer for you to achieve a more precise cooking. An air fryer does not require that your food be cooked in oil, hence it does not increase the fat and/or calorie content of your food. Basically, we all know that constant consumption of deep-fried foods can lead to a series of medical issues such as obesity and other health problems. However, with the use of an air fryer, you can now enjoy varieties of food without having to worry about the side effects. With air fryer, say no to deep-fry today. This book covers the following topics: ¿ Instant vortex air fryer ¿ Breakfast recipes ¿ Meat recipes ¿ Poultry recipes ¿ Vegetables recipes and much more! The Benefits of using an Air Fryer Oven The vortex air fryer oven is a healthy choice for those who like fried food without compromising their body health. The air fryer oven comes with various types of benefits as follows: ¿¿Requires less oil and fats for cooking Vortex air fryer oven requires very little oil and fats for daily cooking. It just requires 15 % of oil for cooking or frying your food. When you fry a bowl of French fries in air fryer oven, it just needs a tablespoon of oil to make your French fries crispy from outside and tender from inside. ¿¿Saves your cooking time Vortex air fryer oven runs on the hot air technology. It blows very hot air in the cooking chamber and cooks your food in very little time. It is the best choice for those people who has a busy schedule and can't have time for cooking food at home. ¿¿Smart Programs Vortex air fryer comes with smart cooking functions that help to reduce your cooking time and energy. These are pre-programmed functions you never need to set the cooking time and temperature while using those pre-programmed functions. ¿¿7 in 1 cooking appliance Vortex air fryer is a 7 in 1 cooking appliance performs operations of 7 different cooking appliances, it fries, bake, roast, preheat and more. It fries French fries and wings, Roast whole chicken, bake cakes and cookies, broiling burgers, dehydrates fruits and also reheats frozen fruits. All of the cooking operations are done by a single appliance, so it also saves the counter space of your kitchen. ¿¿Safe cooking method Vortex air fryer is one of the safest alliances compare to other appliances. When you are cooking your food in a vortex air fryer it is closed from all sides. This will ensure that there is no risk of splatter hot oil on your skin. ¿¿Protect nutritional values from food When you deep frying your food with a traditional cooking method it destroyed beneficial vitamins and nutrients from food and add bad fats into your food. Vortex air fryer frying your food with very little oil by circulating the hot air into the cooking chamber. ¿¿Easy to clean Vortex air fryer cooks your food in very less oil, due to lack of oil grease makes your cleaning process easy. ¿Ready to get started? Click "Buy Now"!¿

ISBN/EAN 9781801127547
Auteur Sullivan, Stephen
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Paperback / gebrocheerd
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