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Robert Zandvliet. I owe you the truth in painting

Robert Zandvliet. I owe you the truth in painting
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I Owe You the Truth in Painting offers an overview of the recent series of work by Dutch painter Robert Zandvliet (Terband, 1970), accompanied by inspiring reflections on painting.

Robert Zandvliet (b.1970) gained international fame with large paintings of everyday objects, rendered in clear outlines and large monochrome blocks. He tried to capture the essence of an object with as few means as possible.

Until now he concentrated on the great painting genres, like the still life, the landscape and the portrait. In his most recent paintings Zandvliet goes a step further in his exploration of the art of painting, engaging in a dialogue with existing paintings from various periods in art history. In his search he endeavours to crawl inside the heads and under the skin of such painters as Van Gogh, Cézanne, Mondriaan and Pollock.

I Owe You the Truth in Painting presents over 30 paintings from this series. In parallel, the publication features text fragments containing reflections on painting by Robert Zandvliet and author Louise Schouwenberg.

Robert Zandvliet: 'A painting can never represent THE TRUTH, or even come close to it. Almost against my better judgement I still stubbornly believe in the ultimate image. The true image. That quest never ends.
AuteurLouise Schouwenberg
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