Aging Thoughtfully

Conversations about Retirement, Romance, Wrinkles, and Regrets

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A philosopher and a lawyer-economist examine the challenges of the last third of life. They write about friendship, sex, retirement communities, inheritance, poverty, and the depiction of aging women in films. These essays, or conversations, will help readers of all ages think about how to age well, or at least thoughtfully, and how to interact with older family members and friends.

ISBN/EAN 9780190092313
Auteur Nussbaum, Martha C. (Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, Ernst Freund Distinguished Service Professor of Law and Ethics, University of Chicago)
Uitgever Van Ditmar Boekenimport B.V.
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Paperback / gebrocheerd
Pagina's 264

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