Carb Cycling Diet Plan & Cookbook

The Little Carb Cycling Guide for Beginners

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How to lose weight without cutting out your favorite foods even if you've failed every at every other diet in your life. Ready to finally stick to your new year's resolution and lose those stubborn pounds? Then keep reading, because here's a simple, scientific, and natural method of losing weight quickly that still allows you to enjoy life. The marketing around different fad diets is all so promising, and they all get you super motivated. Amazingly, some programs do work... for a bit. When you've finished drinking only liquids for 3 weeks and consumed more celery in one month than you did your entire life, you may have lost some weight. But after you finally finished the diet, all the weight sadly comes rushing back (often with interest). Carb cycling allows for all the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle and weight loss. Still, it can be achieved without the negative side effects of different fad diets. No cravings, no eating only lettuce, and no expensive pills or "secret tricks." This simple guide will lead you through how to easily get started with the diet plan. No more endless Google or YouTube searches filled with conflicting information. Just straight to the point guidance, assisting you to live a healthier life. Here's a little preview of what you will uncover inside:What carb cycling actually is and how it is the most sustainable diet plan. The importance of carbohydrates when it comes to losing weight, and why low-carb diets (like keto) make you hangry. Nutrition guidance specific to you. Scrumptious low-carb & high-carb recipes making you question if this is even a diet at all. Including 7-day meal plans to help you organize your healthy lifestyle. An uncomplicated, full-body workout to speed up your weight loss journey that doesn't require a gym or any special equipment. After you've achieved your health or weight loss goals, what happens next? Receive maintenance guidance that allows you to continue to feel your best. ... and much more to help you live your best life.

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