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Bike Life shares the story of Tristan and Belén's adventures on various bicycle tours throughout Europe, North America and Central Asia. A book full of beautiful photographs, personal anecdotes, advice and the many things they learned while on the road. The book breathes adventure, but also bursts with interesting tips on how to plan your own bicycle tour, while also providing some recommended routes. The book also provides answers to the most commonly asked questions and concerns surrounding this exciting way of exploring the world, inspiring us to go out and pedal to a new place.

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ISBN/EAN 9782390251156
Auteur Tristan Bogaard
Uitgever Terra - Lannoo, Uitgeverij
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Gebonden in harde band
Pagina's 256
Lengte 285.0 mm
Breedte 221.0 mm
Une invitation visuelle à découvrir des paysages à couper le souffle et à faire des rencontres

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