It could only be Heineken

It could only be Heineken voorzijde
It could only be Heineken achterzijde
  • It could only be Heineken voorkant
  • It could only be Heineken achterkant

What was the brilliant invention which allowed founder Gerard Adriaan to establish the name Heineken? Ever heard of a wooden horse, or a yeast-pitching egg? Why brewery employees delivered ice rods? Did you know that there is an old Dutch master in the Heineken collection? And where the initials H.P. stand for? With its treasure trove of stories, this richly illustrated book graces the coffee or, more aptly, the beer table! Remarkable facts, colourful anecdotes, and poignant portraits sketch the personalities of 100 Heineken Stars: objects, posters, photographs, films, and works of art from the heritage collection assembled by the brewery on the initiative of Alfred (Freddy) Heineken from the 1970s onwards. That collection now encompasses over 120,000 tangible memories of the company’s history. This book is the result of an exciting quest for the historical narratives that each object encompasses. They usher us through time and place, zooming out from Amsterdam to the Netherlands, Europe, and eventually the whole world. Curl up at home and travel, look around, read, or do a pub quiz with us.

ISBN/EAN 9789462584129
Auteur Ronald Smits
Uitgever Uitgeverij WBOOKS
Taal Engels
Uitvoering Gebonden in harde band
Pagina's 224
Lengte 370.0 mm
Breedte 228.0 mm

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