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“I am used to creating my performance programs in solitude. For this solo album INSIGHT I wanted to take on a new challenge: to compile a programme together with my public. Discovering new insights for both of us.“So I took my violin and started a journey with concerts throughout Europe, trying out a collection of pieces. After each concert I asked the audience for feedback: which pieces should I leave out or add? What was your general feeling of the atmosphere? Instead of considering my audience as a passive listener, I invited them to participate and feel involved.“On the way to the next concert I thought about the reactions. During the tour the programme slowly started to make sense.“This is what INSIGHT is about. The booklet gives you insight in the process of making a programme, the music itself is the final result.“To be expected: this is not your regular classical programme. Don't be surprised if a baroque piece from 1676 is cut in two or if the Sarabande of the 20th-century composer Enescu is embraced by dances by Bach.“Be open to new insights and enjoy!”– Rosanne Philippens
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