The taste of Suriname

with 100 today popular, never published and long-forgotten Amerindian, European, Afro-Surinamese, Jewish, Chinese, Hindustani, Javanese and Lebanese recipes

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The Taste of Suriname isnt just another Surinamese cookbook. It is not only the first Surinamese cookbook especially written for English-speaking audiences, it also contains an unique collection of 100 long-forgotten, unknown and today popular recipes, seasoned with a good sprinkle of historical culinary anecdotes. In this book you will find recipes which are passed down orally from generation to generation and are now finally set into permanent form. For example: Amerindian Peprewatra, Roasted Toad legs and Cassava bread, Afro-Surinamese Afingi, Pinda Alesi, Asogrie and Sukrirtji, Chinese Fachong and Lebanese Mehsmi Malfouf. Off course recipes for today popular dishes such as Roti, Saoto Soup, Peanut Soup, Pom, Brown Beans with Rice and Chicken Pasty are also inserted. And many more! Dont expect in this book culinary arts à la Urbain Dubois that you can impress your family or guests with. French Haute cuisine didnt quite make it all the way up into Suriname. What you will find are recipes for wonderful dishes that have been created and tested by the home cooks of Surinamese origin. Thanks to them, you will now be able to prepare and taste them yourself. To meet the request of many, this book also contains some translated recipes from the Groot Surinaams Kookboek, also known as the Surinamese Cook-bible...

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ISBN/EAN 9789075812091
Auteur Diana Dubois
Uitgever Uitgeverij Dubois
Taal Engels
Uitvoering E-Book
Pagina's 66
Together they will take you on an unforgettable culinary trip through colonial history up until the present day. Sources of the material for compiling The Taste of Suriname includes the authors private collection of recipes and old travelogues, novels and diaries, of which some date back from as early as the sixteenth and seventeenth century, as well as more recent published novels from Surinamese writers. They all mention about food and drinks in everydays life and dish up a wealth of culinary images, whom make you long for a good introduction into the Surinamese cuisine: which this book certainly is! The Taste of Suriname is a cookbook for people who remember with nostalgia the dishes from their childhood, as well for people who want to learn (more) about the Suriname cuisine.

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